Posted by: Josh | October 6, 2009

After 30 days of P90X

Ok, so it’s been 30 days since Liz and I started doing P90X. Here’s my photos from day 1 and day 30. I’ll post them grouped together, so they’ll be a little easier to compare. I ended up having to change where I was taking the pictures. We recently did some furniture rearranging, and now this is the only blank wall I could find! Anyway, here’s the pics…

Day 1Day 30

Day 1Day 30

Day 1Day 30

Day 1Day 30

Day 1Day 30

Alright, so there ya go. Please, please, please, leave a comment to let me know what you think. If you have something positive to say, it will be great for encouragement. If you have something negative to say, although I can’t promise that your comment will be approved ;), it will only add fuel to the flame and make me work harder for phase 2. Thanks!

Posted by: Josh | October 2, 2009

Quick update

So, this is just a quick update, since I’m sending this from my phone. Anyway, the 30 day pics will hopefully be uploaded on October 6th. That’s next Tuesday, for the calender challeged. So check back on the 6th, and let me know what you think!

Posted by: Josh | September 28, 2009

One more week til 30 day P90X results pics

Some, ok all two of you, know that I’ve been doing a workout program called P90X. I’ll be posting my 30 day results pics next week. I’m gonna hold off on posting the start pics until then. I’ll post them side by side so that hopefully you can see some difference. So, in short, keep checking back, and don’t forget to comment to let me know what you think!

Until then, keep checking back for more updates from TheMadHouse that is my life…

Posted by: Josh | September 27, 2009

Smoking is bad… Mmmkaaay…

Smoking should be illegal. Plain and simple. Anything that is that bad for your health, but at the same time that addictive has no place in our lives. Now, I know that smokers everywhere cringe at the thought of making cigarettes illegal, but before anyone raises a fist in anger, understand that I’m a smoker, too. I desparately want to quit smoking, as I believe all smokers want to. But tobacco’s addictive nature makes quitting smoking almost impossible. I will quit. I know that. But it will be extremely difficult knowing that I could just go to the nearest convenience store and get another fix. Then, I’m right back where I started with my veins full of nicotine and my head full of doubt and disappointment.

Posted by: Josh | September 26, 2009

MMS for iPhone

It’s official! I just got my text from AT&T this afternoon. MMS is now active on the AT&T network. Here’s the proof!

Posted by: Josh | September 26, 2009

Wordpress for iphone…

Well, I just downloaded the wordpress app for iPhone, so I’m testing it out a little. Maybe this will keep me motivated to keep blogging. I sort of doubt it, but you know, you never know. We’ll see, I guess. I’m including some screen shots at the bottom here just in case either of you were wondering what it looks like.

Posted by: Josh | July 28, 2009


Just signed up with

Click this link to check out one of my “freshly published” articles!


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Posted by: Josh | June 17, 2009

I Just Won 1 Swag Buck on

I Just Won 1 Swag Buck on

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Posted by: Josh | June 11, 2009


Wow, so I’ve not updated in almost 2 weeks! First, let me say, I apologize to all two of you who check this site. Second, I will try to update more often. But… Since you know me, you know that may not actually happen. Lets play this by ear – see where it takes us.

Anyway! On to better things. Ghosts!

I’ve been watching GhostHunters on SciFi. Our “homeless” friend Emily made us watch it, and I am grateful. Yes, grateful. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve passed over the show because I thought it would be boring. Ok wait a sec – they actually just said the word “boring” as I was typing it. That was weird. Anyway, it’s not boring, it’s cool… and sort of creepy.

By the way… No, she’s not really homeless. She’s just between homes. lol…


Posted by: Josh | May 28, 2009

Sara Jane Moore

Woman who tried to assassinate President Ford in 1975 now out on parole.

Woman who tried to assassinate Ford.

Well, she’s out. Sara Jane Moore, the woman who attempted to assassinate Gerald Ford in 1975, is out on parole. She was on the Today show this morning. She’s now well into her 70’s, so that was a little odd… Hearing this 78 year old, white haired, grandmother looking lady talk about “the time she tried to kill the President.” Or “the time she was able to escape prison for several hours by jumping over the fence.” Pretty interesting to see. It was pretty funny, though. She said she was going to see our current President. I chuckled a little inside. XD

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