Posted by: Josh | September 27, 2009

Smoking is bad… Mmmkaaay…

Smoking should be illegal. Plain and simple. Anything that is that bad for your health, but at the same time that addictive has no place in our lives. Now, I know that smokers everywhere cringe at the thought of making cigarettes illegal, but before anyone raises a fist in anger, understand that I’m a smoker, too. I desparately want to quit smoking, as I believe all smokers want to. But tobacco’s addictive nature makes quitting smoking almost impossible. I will quit. I know that. But it will be extremely difficult knowing that I could just go to the nearest convenience store and get another fix. Then, I’m right back where I started with my veins full of nicotine and my head full of doubt and disappointment.



  1. Ok, today’s my quit day. I’m done with them today, and I’m pretty sure I have enough of the right kind of motivation, and I’m looking forward to success. Yesterday afternoon, my daughter and I were watching TV, and the commercial that say’s, “You wanted to quit when…” came on. She pointed at the screen and looked at me, signaling me to watch. When it said, “…when you had your first child,” she then looked up and pointed at me. Now, I know that my child cannot yet read or understand the dangers of tobacco. She’s not even quite 2 years old. But I felt as though she knew what she was suggesting… It was a strange moment, and I won’t forget it, ever.

    • Its been 2 weeks since your post on this subject. I’m writing to cheer you on and to take a moment to reflect on your successes. Just look at all you’ve overcome and accomplished! I know your window isn’t as clear as mine or others’ because we’re on the outside looking in, and you’re on the inside, just looking at the reflection. But trust me…and Liz…and everyone else. Your life is a testament and reflection of the Power of God and the work He’s doing through you. You can’t question that – just look at that precious little girl that you and Liz created! Just look at your life! And then take a moment to sit back, enjoy and say a prayer for all He’s given you – through you! He couldn’t have done it without you, Son. You are His miracle and through you, He’s chosen to show his power and might! No, I’m not saying you’re the Messiah, but you’re an example of His love for others to see. And by putting out that last cigarette, you’ve demonstrated to Him that He is more powerful than you or the tobacco. You are awesome! I love you ~Mom

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